Trying to create a satellite loop from archived data.

Apr 24, 2015
Grand Rapids, Michigan
I'm creating an analysis blog/video regarding the tornado that occurred in Gaylord Michigan on May 22, this year. Unfortunately I did not have time to fetch the satellite loop from NOAA's imagery site that day. The raw data is archived here...

NOAA's Comprehensive Large Array-data Stewardship System (CLASS) at

But the only thing I found was a product called "GOES-R Series ABI Products GRABIPRD (partially restricted L1b and L2+ Data Products)". I downloaded over 10 gigabytes worth of data which was the only option to get the full time period in which I wish to create the loop.

The problem is its a bunch of netCDF grid files which are useless for the program I'm trying to use to make loops (McCIDAS-V). Then I found the data is also all in radiance units which has to be converted/scaled to look like brightness/reflectance values used in normal imagery. Where is the software to convert this data into something normal and useful?

I keep digging around but I feel like I could spend an entire week trying to learn how to do such a simple thing. Has anyone else done anything like this? Is there any easier way to find GOES-16 satellite loops on the internet?