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Tri-State tornado damage still visible on Google Maps

I was reading again the path of the 1925 Tri-State tornado and it got me wondering if I could find damage that was still visible. I'm not from the mid-west, and some of these pics could be everyday urban decay. But I managed to find what I assume could relate directly to the Tri-State event. Any opinons?
The first two abandoned homes are from Murphysboro.
The sidewalk to nowhere is from Griffin,IL.
The two intact period buildings are from Murphysboro - they both show what appears to be roof/upper floor repairs, as well as abandoned lots nearby from destroyed buildings (I'm guessing).
The downed railway bridge is Murphysboro as well.
The abandoned plots are West Frankfort.
The old storm shelter is where a school was wiped out near W Frankfort with 50+ casualties.


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  • West FRankfort-School-shelter.PNG
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Lisa Monk

Wow! There is still a huge field the width and length of the Palm Sunday Tornado just behind my neighborhood in Toledo,OH. Should show up on Google Earth at Jackman Rd/Eleanor Ave right behind the intersection and behind the Miracle Mile Kroger is where it lifted before dropping back down and wiping out Point Place.

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I'm not sure I follow the first post - you're saying that things like an abandoned bridge are signs of a ~100 year old tornado? I'm going to need to be convinced :)

And Lisa - having grown up in in that neighborhood, I don't know of any indications at all around there of the tornado. What sort of damage do (did) you see?


I could "buy" the premise that the singular storm caused at least some of these anomalies still visible today, but in that amount of time, other things could have happened, as well. But I'm sure there are still a few alive today who could probably relate to you the history of what many of the images are saying.

I'm always fascinated by history like this, especially dating back to changes and events occurring roughly 100-75 years ago
Thank you for that link Dan. Very useful data.

Regards the abandoned rail bridge on the Big Muddy River at Murphysboro. I understand a rail bridge was severely damaged by the Tri-State event in this area. I'm taking a poke this may actually be it.

And could not help noticing on Google maps the large number of abandoned plots in the older areas of affected towns.