Tri State (Severe Weather) Conference - Fall 2020

Jun 16, 2015
Oklahoma City, OK
Western Connecticut State University has hosted a bi-annual weather conference for the greater New York City/tri-state area for the past 14 years. The conference has grown and is looking to host a conference dedicated entirely to severe weather this fall. It’s a 9-5ish event on a Saturday in the fall and will be either 9/26 or 10/3 this year. Area NWS offices attend some often present, as well as some local TV meteorologists.

Past conferences have covered an array of weather topics, but I’ve been told that the presentations on severe weather and storm chasing have piqued the most interest, which is why they are trying to organize a severe weather-specific theme this fall.

Ideally, we’re looking for 1-2 presenters who have at least a few years of chasing experience. A veteran would be ideal, preferably to introduce a group that’s not as familiar with the nitty gritty aspects of storm chasing. Recent tornado events in the Northeastern U.S. seem to be playing a role in drawing up interest in the area.

Poster presentations are another option if you have some research to present or photos to showcase.

Due to location, it may be difficult to get anyone from the Plains to get over to Danbury, CT (about 90 minutes from the major NYC area airports) but this is probably the best place to source out potential presenters. The conference is a one day event and air fare costs and/or lodging may be reimbursed.

Contact me for more information or if you are interested.