The phenomenon of "churnalism" and why we can expect more anti-chaser articles

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    The phenomenon of "churnalism" is a well-known practice in the media, all the way from tabloid-level independent web sites up to the mainstream networks and major newspapers. Essentially, churnalism is the practice of using old stories in the creation of new ones, with little to no updated information, research or corrections going into the new pieces. It is for this reason that we will likely not see an end to the anti-storm chaser articles, as new outlets publish stories based either in full or in part on past published articles. Once one story is published, it will lead to an infinite series of new ones. The momentum of the anti-storm chasing narrative (traffic jams and bad behavior) set in motion long ago will be difficult to stop, even if they have been debunked.

    This video by in-the-know independent journalist Tim Poole offers a coherent description of the problem:

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