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Texas Teen Who Drove Through Tornado is the New Face of ‘Click It or Ticket' Campaign

Randy Jennings

NBC5 Dallas/Fort Worth: "The teenager who made headlines when he drove through a tornado, is now the face of the state's seatbelt campaign which is celebrating it's 20th year. Viral video star Riley Leon has been enlisted to be the face of 'Click It or Ticket' for the Texas Department of Transportation."

Full story with pics of his original truck at Texas Teen Caught in Tornado is the Face of ‘Click It or Ticket’ – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth (nbcdfw.com)

Tweet from TxDOT Austin with him speaking at the news conference: TxDOT Austin on Twitter: "16-year-old Riley Leon shares his story of how a seatbelt saved his life when a tornado rolled his pickup. #ClickItorTicket #EndTheStreakTX https://t.co/S1SZu9bVBI" / Twitter

Guess his 15 minutes of fame are not up yet.
How many of them have a video of the occurrence?
WOW.....I haven't logged into ST in ages, and I see that you're still around, RDale. That's encouraging. We're long in the tooth, huh brother! And not a storm on the horizon in the alley in mid May. Now I've seen everything.
The only other non-chaser car strikes of note was this one:

—and this one creeping up from behind:

Security cameras caught this narrow vortex
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