Tampa Bay's Coming Storm

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    TAMPA BAY, Fla (Washington Post) - Tampa Bay is mesmerizing, with 700 miles of shoreline and some of the finest white sand beaches in the nation. But analysts say the metropolitan area is the most vulnerable in the United States to flooding and damage if a major hurricane ever scores a direct hit.

    A Boston firm that analyzes potential catastrophic damage reported that the region would lose $175 billion in a storm the size of Hurricane Katrina. A World Bank study called Tampa Bay one of the 10 most at-risk areas on the globe.

    Yet the bay area — greater Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater — has barely begun to assess the rate of sea-level rise and address its effects. Its slow response to a major threat is a case study in how American cities reluctantly prepare for the worst, even though signs of impacts from climate change abound all around.

    Full story at: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2017/health/environment/tampa-bay-climate-change/?hpid=hp_no-name_graphic-story-a:homepage/story&utm_term=.05d4c12ad901
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    I used to live on the east side of St. Petersburg on Tampa Bay with a waterfront home. You are right about the flooding issues there!!! If they ever get a direct hit there will be serious problems>

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