Taiwanese Tornado

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Oct 25, 2004
Tucson, Arizona
Wouldn't it be the absolute BEST to be able to sic your own personal tornado onto idiots that cut you off in traffic?
I've replayed and replayed the video up to the point that the poor woman is sitting down on the asphalt. I cannot figure where she came from. Was she thrown from the white vehicle or was she a pedestrian on foot? I can't seem to locate her prior to the tornado. Wherever she was, I'll bet she'll be picking Taiwanese street debris out of every orifice she owns for months....the poor thing. How traumatic.....she won't be right for a long long time. My wife is a survivor of the 1966 Topeka F-5, one of the worst tornadoes in Kansas history....she was VERY close to the vortex. Then, 3 years later in 1969, she was huddled inside a tiny home only 5 blocks from the ocean when one of the worst hurricanes in American history....Catagory 5 - Camille....came ashore and decimated Biloxi, Mississippi. When it comes to wind, she's NEVER been right since. Even here at our home in Arizona, if it's totally sunny out with no storms anywhere, she'll start shaking uncontrollably if the wind blows just hard enough to make the power lines sort of sing. So....the woman goes and marries a storm chaser....ahahahahaha. Poor gal.
This video was a great find, Stan.....keep 'em coming!
I don't know their traffic lights over there, but the light seems to turn 'yellow' and a female voice is heard "Oh!", I think due to the light changing and soon to disappear minivan on left approaching. Then the guys seems to run the now red light, but behind the minivan.

Now, have they considered what would have happened if they'd hit that intersection 3 seconds earlier and traded places with the minivan?

Those tracers in the later part of the first scene, which are presumably some type of vegetation, are amazing. Like CGI or tornado simulator streamers. Would it be legal to throw a bunch of bio-degradable toilet paper rolls out in the Path? Florescent orange, bio-degradable toilet paper...