Stormy Skies Mid-Decade Edition Storm Chase Highlights Video

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    At long last, I am pleased to announce the availability of my Stormy Skies, Mid-Decade Edition Storm Chase Highlights Video. This video, 1 hour and 36 minutes in length and available in several formats, presents the best of my storm chasing video from 2014, 2015, and 2016. Included are:

    A dozen tornadoes, including footage from Dodge City and Minneola, KS (May 24, 2016); Trinidad, CO (June 6, 2014), and of a rare high-altitude tornado west of Chama, NM (September 29, 2014), as well as video and/or photos of tornadoes from other days and locations.

    A half-dozen thundersnow events in Colorado and New Mexico.

    Supercells, lightning, and hailstorms.

    An opening video montage and a closing photo montage with more than 100 photos, highlighting 3 years of wild weather in five states.

    For more information and/or to order the video, please visit the following Web page:

    For other chasers who have highlights videos of your own, I would be more than happy to trade. If interested, please message me on Stormtrack or send me an email from the link on the Web page linked above.

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