Stormtrack Discord Channel Guide

Steve Miller

Staff member
Jun 14, 2004
Moore, OK
(open to all members)

#wx-lobby - The Lobby is where it all begins. It’s the first place new users who have just self-assigned will go to acclimate themselves to life on the ST Discord. This channel is designed to be a weather discussion catchall. Talk advanced or basic as you like. All roles may participate in the wx-lobby. Be aware that if discussion strays from weather, a staff member will generally recommend an alternative channel. Don’t be offended! Just transition that conversation to the recommended channel.

#public-event-channel - This channel supports a deeper dive into forecasted and current weather and is open to all roles. This is a great place for Enthusiasts to get involved or just lurk and learn!

#tropical-discussion - A seasonal channel that serves as a general discussion area for tropical weather globally. This channel is available to all roles. Exceptional tropical cyclones will have their own dedicated channel in the server.

#gallery - The gallery is an ever-evolving channel that showcases photography and videography by ST members of any role. This is a great place to be recognized for your work. All images posted in this channel (and the STD server) always remain the property of the originator.

#equipment - From outfitting a chase vehicle top to bottom to gathering opinions about radios, cameras, etc., the equipment channel is where to learn from those who have been there and done that. All roles may contribute to this channel.

#wx-canadian - A channel for our friends to the north which is dedicated to Canadian weather. Anyone is welcome, including all roles.

(open to advanced members, read-only to non-advanced)

#long-range-discussion - Seasonal and subseasonal forecasting area for advanced members to discuss weather beyond Day 4. The channel is visible to all and very educational. Be prepared though because the mood here can make wild swings between positive and negative! Non-forecast conversation should be directed elsewhere.

#chaserchat - Specialty channel for those members who are verified chasers where discussion occurs between chasers in the field and those who are armchairing the event. The chaser role is earned through proven chase activity. The best way to earn this role is to post regularly in the Gallery.

#05-01-19_ar_ks_mo_ok_tx - This is an example of a chase day channel. These channels are created up to 8 days prior to a potential chase event and are for the purpose of talking about that day and that day alone. Off-topic conversation should be directed elsewhere.

#Field Communications (voice channel) - Voice chat with chasers in the field. This is a nowcasting channel designed for helping chasers actively working a storm.

(open to all members)

#st-academy-basic - Ask your most basic questions about storm chasing and forecasting here. This is the “there’s no such thing as a stupid question” zone. Ask away!

#st-academy-advanced - Here’s where you want to go with your questions about skew-T, numerical modeling, radar interpretation, etc. Both the basic and advanced academy channels are slower, meaning you’ll want to ask your question and check back later for an answer.

#education-resources - You need to know your stuff as a beginner and as a seasoned chaser you still need to brush up on the latest. This is a continuing education channel full of resources.

#gis - Same as #computing except the focus is GIS. Some truly amazing looking maps are produced by this group of members.

#computing - Many weatherers are well versed in computing and like to build neat things. This channel is designed to provide an incubator for collaboration for this subset of STD members.

(open to all members)

#off-topic - For when the conversation isn’t covered anywhere else on the ST Discord. When entering this channel for the first time you will be asked to accept the NSFW (Not Safe For Work) agreement. Why? Because the channel is only lightly moderated. Enter at your own risk.

#eats - Whether you like cooking at home, or eating out during chases, this channel is for you. Discuss any kind of food here. Food, food, FOOD!

#videos - Did you find something interesting in a video you watched? Or do you just want to share a video you found that others may like? This channel is for all videos. No NSFW videos, please!

#music - Same as #videos, except for music. No matter what kind of genre you like, this channel is meant for discussing all kinds of music, whether professional or homemade.

#sports - Whether you like sports or not, this channel is for discussion of all kinds of sports. Sportsball, racing, etc., you’re bound to find something interesting in this channel if you like sports!

#trading-post - A marketplace for buying and selling your chase gear. Looking to get rid of your old ham radio transceiver? Want to buy a Mobile Threat Net unit? This is the place for you! Make sure you read the rules for this channel if you want to post. These are located in the channel’s description.