Stormtrack: Celebrating 40-Years of Community

Steve Miller

Owner Emeritus
Staff member
Jun 14, 2004
Moore, OK
On December 31, 1977, the first issue of Stormtrack Magazine was released, and so began our infatuation with chasing the weather and establishment of the institution we all know today as “Stormtrack”.

Stormtrack has no doubt evolved over the years. From paper to bulletin board, to forum, Stormtrack is an institution that, to this day, remains the foremost authority among chasers worldwide.

We hope you’ll join past and present volunteer staff at Stormtrack in thanking David Hoadley, Tim Marshall, and Tim Vasquez for bringing the chase to us all, across many formats and iterations over many years.

Finally, I want to say thanks to each of you for continuing to support Stormtrack by offering amazing content and conversation over the years from which we’ve all learned so much.

Here’s to 40 more years of Stormtrack!



Apr 25, 2009
Scottsdale, AZ
Thank you, Steve and all the current Storm Track workers for this post, and for the work you do.

And thanks to Dave, Tim, and Tim for their work over the years. I was enjoying Dave's cartoons in the paper version of Stormtrack years before I met many members of the community.

Happy New Year!
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Jeff Duda

EF6+, PhD
Staff member
Oct 7, 2008
Broomfield, CO
Thank you Dave, Tim M., and Tim V. for all you did for us. Today, we stand on your shoulders as we push Stormtrack forward through the early part of the 21st century.

Storm chasing as a hobby and scientific endeavor would not have evolved to the extent it has without the pioneering work of these (and a number of others including Al Moller, Chuck Doswell, Warren Faidley, and others) people.

Thomas D Johnson

Jan 11, 2017
Loveland, Colorado
I send my sincere thanks to all of the Stormtrack team and community, and especially to Dave Hoadley, Tim Marshall, Tim Vasquez, and Steve Miller. You all have provided not only great technical educational resources, entertainment, and humor, but most importantly, leadership in safety and ethics in chasing. Dark skies and safe travels!
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Feb 8, 2010
Leawood, KS
I would imagine that I’ve been on ST for close to 10 yrs. I started out as a noob and still qualify for that tag today. Thanks to all involved for hosting a site that is such an educational resource for those of us that didnt officially study meteorology but nevertheless have always wanted to. Here’s to 40 more years !!
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Mark Blue

Staff member
Feb 19, 2007
Thank you so much David, Tim M, Tim V, and Steve for the work you've put into making Stormtrack what it was then and is today. I sure hope we can keep this going into the future for those who like to gather here and discuss storm chasing. Please stop by anytime you'd like to say hi or post your thoughts about anything.

Michael Towers

Jun 28, 2007
Machesney Park, IL
Congrats on 40 ST, not only the best single resource for chasers but so much more. Thanks to all who have contributed and a special thanks to those whose extraordinary efforts created, cultivated and developed ST into what it is today. Cheers!
Echo (nice radar term there!) all the above sentiments, and also add my thanks to the founders, and all members since then for the amazing volume of work. I first got into the original online stuff (including submitting some UK chase accounts) back in the '90s. I really used to enjoy reading the accounts (text only - no pics then!) at that time, as I'd not been state-side then, and so imagination played a key part in picturing these chases. Indeed, they were written in a very desriptive way as there were no pics to illustrate (for most, anyway). I think with the explosion of pics these days, sometimes our write-ups are short and not so descriptive - it's nice to write such stuff now and again!
Apr 22, 2009
preferrably near a storm
When I began chasing, I wanted to see if there were others who chased storms, and if so, learn how to be safe and smart doing it. Stormtrack is where I found all of that and more. People who had a passion for weather and chasing, even an obsession, and wanted to share that passion with others. I've had several times where things I've learned here helped me avoid danger, and live to chase another day. I wonder if those who are the experts here realize how many lives you may have saved by providing such great education and guidance on how to chase responsibly and have fun doing it. Thanks to David Hoadley, Tim Marshall, Tim Vasquez, and Steve Miller, and all of you who made and continue to make this community the go-to source for storm chasing!
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Jan 14, 2011
St. Louis
It's really remarkable for any institution to survive this long, migrating across multiple platforms and highs/lows as technology and the hobby evolve. I joined the party a little late (in 2004) but since then, rarely has a day gone by that I haven't stopped in here at least once. ST for me has always been a valuable place for learning and communicating. With the dedicated leadership and user groups we've had and continue to have, I'm optimistic that we'll see ST last for at least another 40 years!

Shane Adams

StormTrack has been my online chasing home for almost twenty years now, including 14 on this very forum. I've had great conversations, I've shared, and I've learned. Throughout the ever-changing online climate ST has endured. Recently I have realized that, though times may change, this forum has always been and will continue to always be as great a resource as its users allow. I am going to do my part moving forward.
Oct 17, 2013
Warsaw, Indiana
Thank you for 40 years, and here's to another 40! Although I am still a noob, I have been a weather enthusiast my entire life (44 years now!). I remember hearing about Tim Marshall, Tim Vasquez, David Hoadley, as well as others back in the '80s when I was just starting to pursue my passion for weather. Thanks again, and keep up the excellent work!
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Drew Terril

Staff member
Still fairly new here relative to a lot of the guys. I definitely wish I'd known about this when I started out, but I didn't hear about ST till I started meeting other chasers about 5 or 6 years in. Almost certainly would have helped the learning curve a bit, and I still learn stuff just seeing what others do.

Jeff House

Jun 1, 2008
Chattanooga, TN
Thank you all who keep Stormtrack possible, up and running! Stormtrack is the first board I joined and frankly the only one that matters. While some social media is a compliment in the field, on the fly and/or trying to meet up, Stormtrack is the only place for quality discussion. Nothing can replace the level of discussion on Stormtrack, from seasonal outlooks to Target Area forecasts. Target Area is a truly special place!
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