Storm Structure 101 Educational DVD

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Sep 28, 2010
Dayton, OH
Just ordered mine. Can't wait to watch it. Thanks for putting this together Mike! It must have taken a very long time!!

Update: The disk arrived in only 2 days!! Nice!
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Linda Spencer

Jun 4, 2013
Austin TX
Mine arrived quickly, within 2 or 3 days. I've only watched the first couple of segments so far, but I can see it will be a great learning tool.
I've watched Storm Analysis in its entirety. It's the best educational DVD out there for beginning to intermediate storm chasers IMHO. It's not riddled with useless information that you have to sift through. It's the meat and potatoes of what you need to know to chase storms and hopefully see a tornado. He provides several detailed videos of chases to provide real world in the field examples of the concepts presented.

It's $25 well spent.
Feb 4, 2012
I purchased Storm Structure 101 in 2012 I believe and have watched it close to two dozen times. I've definitely gained a little something out of each viewing. Definitely worth it for beginners .

I happen to be going on my first ever chase this year in May, so I'm super super excited!! If I am able to bag a tornado while I'm out there, its a total bonus. i'll just be happy to see a supercell thunderstorm rotating and a wall cloud. MY expectations going in are 1) lots of driving, and 2) very little chance of actually seeing a tornado. I'm bein realistic.

One of the things I found interesting, is if you look up the convective outlook for various storms in videos you watch, it gives you an idea of what the forcasters were thinking.
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Mark Blue

Staff member
Feb 19, 2007
DVDs are standard definition, while Blu Ray is high definition, so there is quite a quality difference. If you don't have a Blu Ray player and HDTV, it wouldn't be worth the extra cost though. I bought this myself several years ago and would recommend it if you're relatively new to storm chasing.
Dec 17, 2015
Kearney, NE
I bought the digital version of Storm Structure 101 and found it very informative and would highly recommend it. It is like having a seasoned chaser with you in the field explaining storm structure as it changes, which I found very helpful. So any noobs, like myself will find this video very helpful and well worth the price!
Just ordered the DVD. I probably should have checked if the DVD still exists (hahaha, oh how times change). But either way, starting from ground zero on refreshing my forecasting talents. Time to go back 20 years (not in terms of our knowledge, but of my skill level) and learn to forecast on my own again. I really want to become a chaser again.

Trey Thee

Mar 29, 2010
Tulsa metro
I plan to order as well. Does anyone know if you download the digital copy can I put it on more than one PC? (IE Work laptop and personal?)
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