Storm Structure 101 Educational DVD

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Jeremy Jones

I also second that opinion! Great DVD! Amazing photography! I still every now and then, will pop it in, to get that taste of Ma' Nature in my mouth!:D
Mar 11, 2010
NE Texas
NICE!! Thanks for the heads up...I will have to let the hubby know for Christmas!! hehe!

I need as much learning as possible since I am heading to the plains this coming Spring.
Aug 20, 2009
Been wanting this DVD for a while and since I just sold some astronomical visual filters, I decided to order a copy! I also tossed in Hostile winds blu ray while I was at it :D

I guess Mike don't post here any more :(
I just got the DVD and have watched it once. I would like to see all of the annotated pictures included in a PDF file which we could watch at our own pace without having to pause, backup, continue, etc. The chase video footage at the end of the DVD wouldn't have to be included in the PDF, just the annotated pictures. Otherwise, it's a very informative DVD. Thanks to the producer!

David Drobny

Snapped up the DVD for Christmas, watched it once, and it made my head explode. In a good way. I learned a lot from it. More than that, I learned how much more I have to learn! Well done, and rewatchable for a novice like me.

Eric Boss

Just received my copy two days ago....fantastic. I wish there were more like it. I would pay for even more "basic" ones to. Going over the terms...beginner questions answered. Really enjoyed it.

Richard Hudson

Jun 25, 2009
Grand Forks, ND
Received my copy this week. Excellent! Really enjoyed the way the lessons were overlaid on real events. Would echo Dave Rennie's comment that the stills be included as an PDF file as they were somewhat blurry when paused, especially the forecast portion.
An outstanding introduction to storm chasing, thanks to Mike for taking the time to produce it.
Feb 27, 2009
Texarkana, AR
He has a new one called Storm Analysis. Its just under 7 hours long and was still priced at 25 dollars the other day. Received it in the mail yesterday, but haven't watched yet.


Yep. I put in an order for Storm Structure 101 and he contacted me right away and offered to send Storm Analysis instead. I'll take five more hours of material!

Thanks for the link!
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