Storm over Belgium. Wall cloud?


First off I will say that compared to the storms that occur in much of the US, this isn't that impressive, but after three years of living in Belgium this storm was one of the best I have seen in person. It was only coincidental that I even came across this storm as I was on my way out of the country and spotted it along the highway. I noticed that it had a wall cloud feature (I think) associated with it and that got my attention so I whipped out my phone and got this photo.
We were approaching the storm from the south at this point and at the time the picture was taken in a great position for viewing the wall cloud. Soon however, the highway veered to the north west and took us directly into the core of the storm where we experienced hail in the 3-5 cm (up to 2 inches) range. Here also is a screen shot of the radar retrieved from my handy of the storm at the time we passed through it.
It's not very often that one can get a good view on a good thunderstorm here with a road network that is completely unsuited for it, so I was quite happy about this little gift. Just thought I would share.

**Note: I would also like to know if anyone knows how I can have my photo's come out larger. They seem quite small within this thread.**
Dec 8, 2003
Southeast CO
I hadn't embedded photos for a couple years until a few days ago, and I had a heck of a time getting it to work. Here's what works for me:

Upload photo (I use Photobucket)
Open photo on its own page (not too sure if this step is necessary)
Right-click on the image and select "Copy Image Location"
Back on ST and creating your post, get cursor blinking where you want image inserted (might want to hit "enter" a couple times), choose "Insert Image" (from the icon).
"From URL"
Paste image location (from clipboard)
Important! Uncheck "Retrieve remote file and reference locally"