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Storm chaser’s car ends up in ditch

The individual involved appeared to be okay. Watch the moment a storm chaser’s car ends up in a ditch while chasing the Lockett, TX tornado here.

I can assume that the driver of the car could have been speeding or didn’t break fast enough (possibly misjudged the road). I would love to know what you think.
It looks like they simply did not realize the road ended there. Distracted presumably.
More concerning, it appears that they made no effort to stop/yield at the intersection.

Michael Towers

Slow rolling a stop sign or other minor type infraction is one thing, but crap like this scares me much more than anything a storm can dish out. I can safely navigate a storm but it’s hard to protect yourself when some ass-clown plows through an intersection…and a T-intersection at that! Head on a swivel, head on a swivel…
I'm confused why the one filming didn't stop to help, If I see someone in trouble on the roadside I always stop and check on them if safe to do so, the photographer says he doesn't want to stop and get "sucked up", but then continues to drive toward the tornado

From the video I cannot tell road options or tornado direction, but I know that tornado moved east and then north, and that that storm had a large heavy FFD on the north side that extended well east of the meso, so the lack of precipitation on the right side of the image tells me that they probably weren't in the path
Although good for hail video, I don't understand why people put their lightbars on top. Does nothing but blind you when raining, fog, etc.

I even see this among non-chasers (I don't think all the people with lightbars on their trucks are chasers, given that I have never seen another chaser in my area)