Spotting outside your area...

Feb 9, 2007
Southern Illinois
Hey all,

As a storm spotter myself, I feel its my duty to report severe weather no matter where I am. Even if I am chasing in another state which I don't reside in, I feel its my duty to report the server weather as a storm spotter to the National Weather Service or 911 or something like that. I am wondering if you all feel the same?
Apr 14, 2011
Alexandria, LA
My personal philosophy is, in my town I am a spotter and call the NWS when I see severe weather; outside of my town I am The Concerned Public and will certainly call the police if I see a tornado or a flash flood, but I likely won't be measuring wind speeds or hailstones or anything like that to report a "severe" condition.
Nov 6, 2011
Elmore, AL
When i go out of town i try to program some of the Skywarn Frequencies in my mobil ham radio for which i'll be traveling - pretty much to listen in on what goes on - I leave the reporting to the more experienced locals unless something really significant is taking place and others are effected by it... My two cents worth!