SpotterNetwork online training exam -- videos not supported by browsers


Feb 2, 2021
Largo, FL
Hi! I'm new to these forums. I wanted to let the powers that be know that I did the SpotterNetwork's online training & took the exam -- the exam (and some parts of the course) were difficult in that Flash is no longer supported by any of my many browsers. There were videos that were just blank areas on the web page. So when the exam asked questions asking me to identify the weather phenomena in various videos, it was not possible to do so, since there were no videos! I couldn't find anywhere on the website that I could contact anybody, and clicking on "Support" brought me to these forums. So here I am, reporting this bug.

In any event, I managed to pass the exam minus those two video questions! LOL

I have previously done in-person & MetEd training for Skywarn since 2017 and kept that up-to-date, but yesterday I went ahead and did the SpotterNetwork training.

Good to be here!

Bob W

Jan 18, 2021
Leland, NC
They know and it's on the to do list. If you want to see what's in the videos - after the fact now... - you can save them to your computer and play them with VLC.

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