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Spotter permission on radarscope.

Matt Owens

I recently switched from iPhone to Android and signed into the spotter network on radarscope. I didn't have any problems on iPhone but now on Android I am. See attachment.


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Todd Lemery

Staff member
I‘m far from a tech guy, but you can only share your location from one device at a time. On the screenshot it appears you don’t have “Report your device location to the Spotter Network“ turned on. Does it work if you turn it off on your other device and turn it on with that one?

Matt Owens

I signed out on my other device. It pops up and says this whenever I try to toggle it on to report my device location. I didn't know if it was my spotter account or not. Needing approval for it or something else.

Jason Jordan

I just started having the same problem but I'm thinking it might be a Radarscope issue. I just switch to a new device and I noticed it was telling me I had no permissions. Turned my old device back on after a few weeks to see if it had the same error but it didn't. I updated the Radarscope app to the current version on the old device and bam, there it was again.