SN Spotter Network: What's the purpose of adding "frequency" on an SN profile?

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Mar 18, 2018
South Central MN
I recently received my ham license and updated my call letters on the site. I see there is a frequency, but what is expected if I put something there? Should it be the repeater I use or a simplex of my choosing?

Jan 6, 2019
depends on what you want.
i have 146.52 (calling freq) and 146.55.
if in range of a skywarn repeater, i'll change the 146.55 (if already programmed memory) to the repeater, but will not change what is listed in my profile. My experience with NWS and SAR is they will call you on the phone if they want to talk with you.
Fill in that lower part of your profile for them to access if you did not fill in upper part of it.
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