Spotter Network Training / Exam in Open Beta

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Read the homework part while sitting here watching the Lakers/Nuggets game and got an 18/20 for 90% not too shabby for a noob!!! :D


90 minutes?! To take the test? Or am I misunderstanding? If it took me 5 minutes, I'd be shocked.

You must mean to go through all of the raining material and then the test?
no, 90 minutes to read through everything and take the test.

Ryan Moats

17/20 out of 20 the first time for a noob

20/20 100% for the second time. Pretty proud, information will be MUCH more helpful for knowledge and chasing.

Elinor McLennon

I passed with a 90. Enjoyed the reading. They did a good job.

terra seright

I passed with a 95. This was so very informative!! I enjoyed it very much, and know so much more now than I did before taking the course. A seasoned fellow spotter in my area actually complemented me on my knowledge, and had no idea that I'd taken the added training!

I feel more confident about reporting what I'm seeing, and don't over-report with things that don't matter. I can also debunk bad reports, because I know the difference.

This training was a great addition to the spotter training that I have had locally.

Great Job!!

Mike Pohlen

Very well done.

I've been through multiple training classes and full-day workshops and still learned a thing or two.
Jun 9, 2005
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Tyler, I have a question about spotter network itself. I have passed the quiz, but when I try to log in to spotter network it won't let me. I've had my password reset, and I still can't log in. What is going on there?

Lucy Blinebury

I took this back in the Spring, One question wrong. I even treated myself to the little certificate you can order when you pass.

Definitely a good refresher course.
Jan 5, 2008
Dear allison or whoever has put together the spotter program spotternet thing

OK it's almost 11pm in Tx and I'm Tired but I will do the test at some point in the next 3 or 4 days. Going to bed now. Night. And I just found this tonight so please be patient as I very much want to be a part of the Spotter Network as I belive it is a great Idea to have this option for those of us who wish to be of the best help to NWS,Public or others.

12-28-09 Shawn C.
Jan 5, 2008
Dear all

OK I am pleased to announce that I just took the SpotterNet test and with 95% I did pass :) :) :) :) and I like the course and look forward to being able to submit Great reports if need be any place, any time and any where if the need should arrise.

Shawn C.

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