Spotter network placefiles

Apr 6, 2015
Norman Oklahoma
I noticed the spotter network placefile for spotters still uses the old format, where the dots and names are too small. I believe GR did an update about 1-2 years ago which impacted all placefiles with this issue, unless the placefile owner made a correction in their code.

Any word on when spotter network might make that fix?

Randy Jennings

May 18, 2013
The SpotterNetwork placefiles look like they are in the new format to me. I looked at one of the Spotter Network placefiles ( and it sets the font as follows:
Font: 1, 11, 0, "Courier New"

Font didn't exist in the old format. So per the Placefile spec ( Place File Specification ( ) the font is 11 pixels high. The problem here is you could probably never get two folks to agree on what the size should be. Given the density of spotters these days, I kind of like the smaller text, even if it means I have to zoom in to read it. Sure it would be great if SpotterNetwork would let you pass in a font size (say or if GR would let you override it, but I also wouldn't blame them if this wasn't too high on their priority list either.
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