SN Spotter Network: Lost spotters and beacon

Jeff Norman

Apr 18, 2019
Stedman, NC
I have been successfully using RS and SN on my iPhone7 since sometime last summer. Yesterday (4/18/19) I decided to add the RS app to my Mac laptop, as well as an AH subscription. After logging into SN thru RS on the Mac, I lost all spotters and my beacon on the phone, and they never showed on my laptop.
Tried different combinations of things: logging out of SN on both devices, rebooting, logging in only on iPhone. Deleting app and starting with a fresh install. Deleting Cache's rebooting again, etc. Different combinations of data providers RH, NOAA, AH, etc.

On the phone I can click the location arrow and bring up the location circle but it never shows my beacon. I can tap the circle and it will manually update my position to SN but never shows me or any other spotters. And, yes, I can log into my SN account, in a browser, and it shows no problems. Everything worked perfectly until I added the RS app for Mac.

For my Mac I logged into SN using RS while I was logged in on my phone also. RS on Mac never showed any spotters at all. Double checked settings and I am logged in correctly and RS is set to display spotters and spotter reports, yet nothing.

Any suggestions to get this working again?

UPDATE: As of 1045am (4/19) everything is working again. I changed nothing on my end, just started the app on my phone and everything was there again. Same for RS on my Mac. Gremlins in the system wreaking havoc for 10-12 hours maybe?;)
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Mark Blue

Staff member
Feb 19, 2007
This is what @John Wetter and I are looking for in a support thread. Excellent write up with plenty of details to work with Jeff.

Glad you got it working. All I can say is configuration, configuration, and configuration! Once all of the settings are dialed in it’ll work. It just takes some time trying different combinations until you understand what they’re doing before you get them right.

John Wetter

SN President
Staff member
Dec 11, 2005
Maple Grove, MN
Jeff, thanks for the detail. With the couple big days last week we did have a few issues getting our infrastructure to properly scale as the days got bigger with more beacons and reports. We believe this is all taken care of now.
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