Spotter Network and gps

Jan 5, 2008
Dear Chasers and spotters

I wanted to know are the green dots on the activity map on spotter network are they people using aprs or are they using some other form of gps so that there position on the map gets seen by others looking at the map ??????? does spotter network work with delorme street atlas 2015 ?????? can you hit gps on the spotter network and it show where you are on the map ??????? I would like to use it to track my vehicle movements when I'm out chasing or spotting ?????. also can you overlay spotter network with StormLab radar to see where other spotters and chasers are ??????? and see streets and roads and etc ?????. If someone can get back to me on this I would greatly appreciate it alot.

Shawn Camp

"FOX 4-WARN Storm Tracker"

RadarScope is a great and easy way to get it to show your location. But the PC platform (I forgot if there is a Mac route) is a method many use too (as mentioned above).

My add to this if you are on RadarScope you cannot change your location, just on/off. If at some point you want to protect yourself with showing a location (like home, hotel, or good filming spot) you have to remember to turn it off prior to the GPS transmitting a beacon from that spot. However, on the PC side, with SN interface, I believe (been a few years for me) you can manually input coordinates. This is good if you forgot to stop the GPS. Personally I do this a lot during hurricane intercepts for example since I really work hard at finding good filming spots and have had news crews and others follow or repeated show up to a spot I was filming at. I also like to protect my home location.