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SPC forecasting lecture series

There will be more videos posted before the end of July. It's taking awhile to close-caption them. A huge resource, I learned plenty of things from sitting in and filming said classes.

The dual-pol ones are, IMO, some of the most applicable to chasing. Dual pol is powerful, learn how to use it properly!

Ben, do you know if the newer videos will be released under the preexisting headings, or will they be entered in a new section? I'm just wondering if I will need to go combing through the videos to find the new ones or if they will be identified as "new" when they are released at the end of July? Thanks and great job on these: I've almost completed them.
David I am not sure to be honest. I assume they may populate some into topics already there, and perhaps some new topics as well. I know I just had to re-do one of the last ones in the list, so I assume they are close to posting.
This series was just updated with a huge new batch of videos. Some of them were appended to the end of existing sections, while many more went into new sections of their own.
I've been rewatching a few of these, but recently I've received a 404 error. Anyone else having this problem?

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The biggest thing that this taught me was to always look upstream before the chase and to look downstream when chasing to analyze the kind of environment that the storms are moving into. Helped so much when deciding on what storms to move to. Since then I've caught six or seven tornadoes on low risk days.
I'm glad I came across this and can't wait to get started. I actually just finished watching a 9 part tornado forecasting workshop that was also put on my Rich Thompson back in 2015 in conjunction with the student chapter of the AMS at the University of Oklahoma. It looks to have a good bit of overlap with the series posted here, but here is a link if anyone wants to take a look. I will also post a link to the PowerPoint presentations used during the workshop.

Workshop: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL3CHz4wbaDgN-UXw79Xnig
PowerPoint: https://live.som.ou.edu/