Sony AX-53 Camcorder

Looking to sell my Sony AX-53 as I'm planning on upgrading to the AX-100 for this coming season. I've owned it for this past season and love it, but I want more low-light flexibility. It actually does an above average job in low light from what I've found, but I'm looking for "great." Comes with two batteries, remote, and more. Asking for $675 shipped.

Oct 10, 2004
Madison, WI
Sorry I didn't see this before it was too late, as I'm looking to upgrade from the Canon HFG10 I bought off Dan Robinson via this marketplace in 2013. Oh well, the AX-53 is on sale on B&H right now, although still slightly more than your price (and without the accessories). Also looking at the Canon HFG21, which is somewhat less but lacks 4K capability (which isn't really a dealbreaker for me, as I find 1080p HD to be plenty good). Anyone else have any experience with either model?