(SOLD) RAM Mount laptop stand

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Jan 7, 2006
I used this RAM Mount "universal" laptop stand in my chase vehicles from about 2008-15, then switched to a tablet, and haven't had any use for it since. I finally decided it was time to clear it out of the closet while doing some spring cleaning yesterday. I would've just dropped this off at Goodwill if not for the fact that it might be so useful to another chaser, so I decided to offer it up grabs here (other than any shipping costs).

There are three main components:
  1. Tray (RPR-258H; I believe it has been replaced by RAM-234-3): spring-loaded and should fit all but the largest laptops. Includes a ~1.5" diameter ball joint attached to the bottom for mounting into various RAM Mount products.

    PXL_20220403_204012369.jpg PXL_20220403_204025883.jpg

  2. Stand: About 14" tall with two swivel points and a clamp for the tray's ball joint. This part is really great, as long as you have a way of mounting it to something sturdy in the vehicle.


  3. Passenger seat mount base: this is the self-proclaimed "universal" part of the package, but beware--it will take some work (and possibly even modifications) to make it fit cleanly into many vehicles. I had a Civic when I first bought this package from a third-party reseller, who made some custom brackets (also pictured and available if you want them) to match the angle of my seat bolts--the brackets then attached into the base with a second set of bolts. It was an inelegant setup that was only 80% sturdy, but I got by. FWIW, I measured the two seat bolt holes on the base at about 16.75" apart.

    PXL_20220403_204101319.jpg PXL_20220403_204140024.jpg
If you are in the local area, I can just meet you somewhere in Norman and hand it over to you free of charge. If not, we'll figure out shipping costs to your location and you can cover the necessary amount upfront. I'd politely ask that you only claim the stand if you actually have a personal use for it (i.e., I'd prefer not to give it to someone who just wants to resell for what will likely be a meager profit anyway).

If no one's interested over the next week or two, I may post to social media or just drop it off at a local donation center.
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