• Please note this new thread in the Announcements forum regarding updated management of the site. Jeff Duda has agreed to assume ownership and lead management responsibilities during what is anticipated to be a 3-12-month interim period while we perform some updates to the site, including changing the hosting. The staff will do their best to provide timely and transparent updates throughout this transition period.

  • A website update occured last week that rendered some of the page display styles obsolete. If you have logged onto the site and are experiencing a strange or messy appearance, it is likely due to this factor. An inadvertent mistake in the meantime likely made this issue worse. It has hopefully now been fixed. See this thread for details on the fix. --Jeff

Site display

Thank you Jeff. Mine reverted to Default Style and is working properly again now. I tried Stormtrack Dark and it was back to the messy version, and am now using Stormtrack - UI.X which as Bill says is working fine too.

Jeff Duda

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Back during the management transition beginnings there was a Xenforo upgrade that happened. The Xenforo upgrade removed support for some of the styles. So if you come across a style that results in a messed up page, that means it is no longer supported and you should switch to a different style. As far as I know right now there is nothing else that can be done about that.
Finally got the site to look decent again I think for the first time in over a month with the "default style" setting. Actually, it looks like TalkWeather now.