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Colton Miller

Mar 30, 2019
Dupo, IL
Good Morning,

I am attempting to determine if SN is experiencing a service outage at this time. Several SN members in my area are unable to access and are also unable to report/login via RadarScope. This issue has been on progress for several hours. I’ll provide more details if it’s established this is a localized issue. Can someone please confirm status?

Much appreciated!

Colton Miller - Greater St. Louis, MO
618.208.4800 / 618.340.3058
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Jan 6, 2019
Spotternetwork seems to be down. Cant access it using two diff computers and using unrelated web access feeds.
Nobody's showing on Radarscope.

Colton Miller

Mar 30, 2019
Dupo, IL
It’s the Fourth of July and the owner has been notified. Take a deep breath. ;)
Thank you for your response. Please note my OP was submitted 06.21.19, yet I am greatly appreciative of your continued updates on SN’s availability issues.

And again today (07.05.15 @ ~ 1200 CDT) SN - both the web presence and RS’s authentication API (which I assume are part of the same issue) are both inaccessible at this time.

Lastly - and please understand this isn’t meant as a criticism of SN’s responsiveness to these outage inquires, but is there a more direct and timely way to report such downtime reports in the future. Or perhaps once a user-affecting issue is identified staff could post a quick note stating you are aware of the situation and steps are being taken to remedy.

As an unofficial offshoot of the NWS’s Spotter Program and being a local liaison between certified skywarn members as well as spotters, when I inquire via NWSChat regarding outages I’m usually met with the same lack of information I encounter here.

If there’s a internal protocol regarding public decimation of a reliable contact I’m confident I can provided the necessary credentials required to obtain this ‘privileged’ update as my local WFO (LSX) tends to ask me if I’ve received any updates via this forum and more often than no I’m not able to elaborate on an ETR.

Thanks in advance for your continued due diligence!

NWSChat: (Colton Miller FD)
Personal: 618.340.3058
Media/Professional: 618.208.4800
FAX: 618.551.4700
Mar 30, 2008
Norman, OK
There were 2 posts yesterday asking about the outage which happened yesterday. That's what Mark was responding to.

As far as the outages, I know John the owner works a full time day job and has a family. I believe the Allisonhouse guys help out as well, but not a lot you can do when cloudflare is down.