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  1. Andrew Pritchard

    Mar 21, 2004
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    Hey guys!

    On March 31st 2017 I'll be leading a Tornado Talk (actual title tbd) at my alma-mater Parkland College in Champaign, IL where I got my A.S. in Earth Sciences.. They do a once monthly talk on Friday nights called "The World of Science". My talk will primarily be centered on tornado climatology in Illinois, the science behind them, and some modern safety tips. But, no talk on tornadoes is complete without some eye candy.

    I've got a handful of tornado clips of my own, but I know there is a *ton* of great new video out there from the last few years and wanted to put a note out to see if anyone felt like throwing a clip or two our way. I'm not making a cent off of this, for what it's worth. I believe Parkland College charges a dollar or two at the door, but all of that goes toward the Parkland College Planetarium, where the talk will take place.

    I'll take as much or as little as you're willing to give - but I'll likely chop it up into the best 30-60 seconds to keep things flowing.

    Get back at me however you feel best - PM here, or an email to

    I'll post the press release/information once it's released.

    Thanks, guys!
  2. James Wilson

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    You could buy the Storm Assist DVD and show them that. ;-)
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