Reporting Changes/Software Updates/Support Delays

John Wetter

SN President
Staff member
Dec 11, 2005
Maple Grove, MN
Hi All,
I've answered in threads but please make sure as new versions of SN supporting apps ship over the next couple weeks that you update to the latest version to get all of our reporting and API changes.

Also on a personal note, I've been scarce around here recently and likely will be for the next few weeks due to the issues my employer is running in to around COVID-19. My time is being completely consumed on that side as I've been putting in 60-75 hour work weeks this month. As SN is a volunteer organization my time has to be spent first on my work. There are a few of us around answering questions but please be patient with response times right now. I'm hopeful that I will have time to come up for air as we near the heart of chase season when I plan to do lots of armchair chasing this year.