Renewing Spotter Training Question

Nathan Parker

Aug 31, 2021
Hot Springs, Arkansas
I re-took the online SKYWARN Spotter Training from MetEd over the weekend. I took it a while back, but it's been years since I last took it. When I took it, the NWS did issue me my SKYWARN Certificate.

I re-submitted the latest training to the NWS Warning Coordination Met over the weekend to ensure my SKYWARN Spotter training is renewed. Do I need to do anything else (such as call the NWS) or just sit back and wait to hear from their email?

I just want to ensure I'm all set for any next major severe weather event that comes here.

I'm also a Spotter Network member. I need to re-take the training as well, since the last time I took it was years ago when in another state.


Lou Ruh

May 17, 2007
Each office handles things differently. Many have a Skywarn program coordinator who you may want to contact (if you can figure out who that is). The WCM will likely forward your info to that person (if there is one) when he/she can get to it.
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Randy Jennings

May 18, 2013
As Lou noted, each office is different. By policy the WCM is in charge of Skywarn in each office. You look to be from Hot Springs, and that is served by the Little Rock office where Dennis Cavanaugh is the WCM. Dennis is a great guy, and chases himself (he was very big in the project to measure hail a couple years back). Most offices no longer keep track of who is and isn't trained. The official Skywarn page for the Little Rock office (NWS Little Rock, AR - Skywarn Page) has a link to online training and says that once you complete that course (which is a MetEd course for this office but isn't for some offices) you will receive an email with a certificate from the WCM (a process that happens twice a month). It also says that they require training every 5 years at least. I'd give it a month and if you don't hear from Dennis, email him again.
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