Radar software for PC with GPS/decent map, and cellular data plan..

Aaron S

Dec 27, 2021
Malakoff, TX
I have been a spotter in the same rural area for many years. I know almost all the roads in the area, so I have had no need for radar software with a decent map. I have been making do with the $9.99 RadarScope Android app just fine. Now that I have decided to start chasing I need a radar program for PC that has a good map & is capable of displaying my GPS coordinates. Any ideas on a good usb GPS? Also, Verizon or AT&T for Texas & Oklahoma?
Mar 30, 2008
Norman, OK
GRLevel3 is what I use, although I have GR2Analyst as well. I use the Microsoft maps program with my GPS. I have the BU-353S4 and BU-353W10 hooked up to my machine, but I also use this method to use the NMEA gps. You will need a NMEA GPS and GPSGate (I think it's $40) to split your GPS signal. Here's a better list of my storm chasing equipment
As far as Verizon or AT&T... depends.. Verizon is great unless you plan to chase south of I-20 in Cen Tex. Brownwood, Stephenville, etc are AT&T only and you will hate chasing without data. AT&T is slow as F around OKC Metro I've found. I've got an AT&T hotspot built into my new car, and use that along with my Verizon hotspot so I have both. The plans are cheap enough anymore to carry both.