R.I.P., storm chasers

Jul 16, 2013
Joplin, MO
Should Matt Hughes be listed here...
He's already listed in Tim Vasquez's original post at the top:

MATT HUGHES (Jul 31 1979 - May 26 2010). Matt was a prominent celebrity on Discovery's 'Storm Chasers' series. Matt was responsible for placing co-star Sean Case's Tornado Intercept Vehicle close to tornadoes to capture IMAX footage of storms. A police report indicated he Matt had reportedly battled depression, and a police report indicated he been drinking and attempted to hang himself, and he succumbed to the injuries 13 days later.
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John Wetter

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Dec 11, 2005
Maple Grove, MN
I'd also like to add:
Michael Stanga (April 29 1987 - February 4 2021). Michael founded the Minnesota Storm Chaser Conference and St. Cloud State Storm Chasing Club and was an active chaser across the central plains for about a decade as well as participated in CoCoRaHS. He was an active proponent of Skywarn and donated video for spotter trainings. He battled brain cancer for 7 years before it finally took his life.
Aug 9, 2012
Galesburg, IL
Cory Barnett passed away on Sunday. He was a local spotter/storm chaser here in West Central Illinois. I had run into him a few times chasing about 9 or 10 years ago locally. I don't think he ever did much chasing outside the local area, but always loved storms and seemed like a great, standup guy. Really saddened to hear of his sudden passing, especially at such a young age :'(.

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