Quite the storm near Des Moines IA (5-14-2020)

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Joey Prom

Feb 11, 2020
St. Paul, Minnesota
We were set up south, near Keokuk, eating dinner and watching a cumulous field when we saw that warning. We got to the storm around 7, right as its RFD surged and gusted out. It was a very ominous HP supercell. We were able to follow it along for over an hour. It was the first time I saw a storm being that dynamic. It had a beautiful turquois hail core. I will post some pictures as soon as I get them processed.
Feb 19, 2018
Dunlap Illinois
I think I may have encountered the same storm.
I was on my way home from my first real chase trip, driving on a blown up transmission by the way, and I had totally forgotton about weather.
Tornado2 - Copy.PNG
That was until I found myself in the middle of a pitch black tornado warned supercell somewhere near Burlington Iowa.
Tornado3 - Copy.PNG
I stopped and took some footage, and as you can see by these lightning illuminated stills, that's one he'll of a tornado.
Tornado1 - Copy.PNG
After blowing through some hail I finally got home.