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  1. Ryan Toemmes

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    The Disaster Prediction App from Ben Davidson.


    Not only does this app warn of Earthquakes it actually predicts them based on events happening on the Sun, planetary alignments and OLR (outgoing long range radiation). I believe it is under $3.00 for the app and no monthly fee's and it also predicts events on Earth from Space Weather like Coronal Holes, Solar Flares (CME's) and Plasma Filaments.

    I figured some you would interested in this subject since the past 3 months have been heavily active...
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    Mar 1, 2004
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    Actually this is fake... You cannot predict earthquakes based on Sun / planets / etc.
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  3. Ryan Toemmes

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    I will agree with you to a point on the method of the sun / planets and predictions of earthquakes...

    Some of the information provided is intriguing thou and provokes discussion...

    Can you imagine being able to forecast earthquakes before hand in area's with active plate seduction zones...

    The ability to Read micro movements while monitoring Richter scale readings like we do Dual-polarization Doppler Radar before Violent weather hits...
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  4. Greg Campbell

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    Sorry, this is 99% bunkum. Save your cash. (And reduce your xanax costs! ;) )

    There is no such thing as "Official Earthquake Predictions." Nope!

    As for space weather issues, you'd be FAR better off visiting http://spaceweather.com/ and subscribing to their alerts.

    Nice EQ map at https://goo.gl/TIIdaJ
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  5. Dan Robinson

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    Jan 14, 2011
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    This is a good IRIS EPO video (7 parts) from Dr. Stephen Malone on earthquake prediction:

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