Potential software for WeatherFlow Tempest station

First post and relatively new here on the site. I have done some preliminary research on this but felt it would be better to ask amongst the educated weather folks here. I recently was given a Tempest station for a Christmas gift and was curious as to the availability of a little more "in depth" software that will work with this unit. I did not find too much out there, however I probably am not to familiar with station related software. I listed my system specs for assistance. Any help is greatly appreciated! Happy New Year!!
-Talmadge Pipkin
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Windows 10 Home 2OH2
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Lou Ruh

May 17, 2007
It really depends on what you are looking for. A good (but dated) place to start would be Tempest Weather System Third-Party Applications . I did spin up a Raspberry Pi to implement a WeatherFlow PiConsole which I like.

A good place to ask questions and research further is Tempest Weather System ... a very active user community. The community is usually very willing to help with any issues you mightrun into that you have not been able to resolve on your own.