Post a (Google Earth) Landfall Prediction.


Rita's Target

I am going to go with just north east of Port Lavaca, because I don't see this storm turning northwestward early enogh to make a trek to Galveston/Houston area.
Apr 13, 2005
Jackson, Ms
In between Tiger Point and Mulberry Island, La as a category 3 with winds at 115 mph. The pressure will be 946mb.

I hope I am right since it is mostly just swamp land in that area.
Here are the three closest predictions in the order they were posted:
Originally posted by Brett Adair+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Brett Adair)</div>
Cameron, Louisiana.[/b]
Originally posted by Darin Brunin@
Holly Beach, LA 29.77 -93.45
<!--QuoteBegin-Matthew K. Hartman

slightly west of Port Arthur, TX - somewhere between East Bay and Sea Rim State Park
Nice Job, Guys.
Maybe I should take up tropical forecasting... this is the second "contest" I've placed high in. I won a contest on forecasting landfall location and strength on Isabel last year...

Weathernews had their chance at hiring me in as a marine MET a year and a half ago... ah well, their loss. *grin*

Good job to Brett and Darin... and thanks Sam!

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