Poll about the global ECMWF on weather.us: missing parameters?

Discussion in 'Advanced weather & chasing' started by Joerg Kachelmann, Jun 28, 2017.


What parameters are you missing with the global ECMWF model on weather.us

  1. The parameter choice is enough for my needs

  2. I need more parameters and will let weather.us know via contact@weather.us

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  1. Joerg Kachelmann

    Jan 24, 2006
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    As written before, the spaghetti ensemble/plumes for basically every place in the world will be added soon. For us Swiss and Maine country bumpkins it was hard to choose the parameters according to chaser pros' needs. If something is missing in the parameter list (please check before if it's available at ECMWF at all), please let us know.

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