Podcast suggestions?

Somewhere on this Forum Skip Talbot has an excellent tutorial. Other good ones are on here too. Stand out from Skip is about the horse shoe in the Midwest, vs textbook Plains storm spotting. Good stuff!
Very good suggestion, Jeff. I love the Skip Talbot stuff. I’ve watched his two main instructional videos on YouTube multiple times and have come away with a clearer understanding each time.

I’ve found treasure by digging back into some educational resources that I haven’t accessed in a long time.

Some advice to newbies from a newbie: go back to some of your first educational resources. You’ve learned a lot of new things in a short period of time. You didn’t know enough the first time you listened to Skip Talbot or Rich Thompson or Raychel Sanner to fully understand everything they were teaching. There were terms that you heard that you didn’t know the meaning of, so you just glossed over that part. Three months later, you can watch the same video and have some incredible “A-ha!” moments.
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