Photos of Clouds from the week of 5\20\2018 and 5\26\2018

andre hickson

May 18, 2018
Columbia SC
on the week of 5\20\2018 to 5\26\2018 i been starting taking photos of storm clouds. because of Strong Thunderstorms we had all this week. i have use my phone to take shots of the clouds, these thunderstorms had produce these gray and white clouds. these clouds looks like a storm trying come. then i taken a lot of photos of dark clouds this reminds me from back in the day it was severe thunderstorm that produce heavy rain fall and lots of lightning. i have lots of cloud pictures on phone waiting for be stored on my USB drive. it was long week of taking shots of these's a Strong Thunderstorm or Severe Thunderstorm. if a storm hits i will keep on taking photos of clouds.