Oklahoma earthquakes

Jan 14, 2011
St. Louis
Thought this might be a good time for a thread on this subject. Earthquakes have been a secondary subject of interest/study for me. Alas, I have yet to experience one - I haven't felt any of the OK quakes here in the STL metro, and I've missed other notable quakes by literally days (VA August 2011, IL April 2008). In the past I considered getting an apartment in Alaska for 6 months to have a chance at one. Looks like I just need to do that in Stillwater!

There are a wealth of papers you can read by searching for seismology/fault rupture/etc on Google. A favorite of mine is the IRIS EPO Youtube channel, which has some great info:


In terms of recent events, this video should be of interest:

Todd Lemery

Staff member
Jun 2, 2014
Menominee, MI
Know how you feel Dan. We never have quakes in the UP of Michigan, but when I was going to school in Detroit in 1985, I watched the news and it was wall to wall coverage of the earthquake we had there. Never felt it at all and I'm still king of pissed about it.....

Brian G

Sep 25, 2014
St. Louis, MO
I didn't feel the one tonight either. Earthquakes are an interest of mine as well. I've done enough research on my own as well to motivate me to get earthquake insurance though I'm not sure I'd ever use it even if a powerful quake struck nearby, but it's cheap enough for some piece of mind. Have you read the damage estimates that might result from a 7+ magnitude quake in New Madrid? Some of them are astonishing.
Jan 10, 2014
Sheridan, WY
I happened to be in eastern Oklahoma last Tuesday and felt the 4.5. It was kind of fun checking twitter, reading reports and trying to triangulate where the epicenter was. I grew up in California so it was a familiar feeling. But it's hard to believe Oklahoma now has more earthquakes than California. I don't know why fracking is allowed to continue there if they can't figure out how to do it without disturbing fault lines.
Jan 14, 2011
St. Louis
I have an old CCTV system I'm using inside my apartment exclusively in case New Madrid goes. Cameras pointed at china cabinet, floor lamp, etc, anything that will show any shaking. No one in this area is really prepared for any significant quakes. STL has done some retrofitting of interstate bridge piers here (steel collars), but in general, the prevalence of brick and masonry makes it pretty vulnerable.
Jul 21, 2016
Kansas City, KS
That was the first earthquake I have ever felt (granted I felt it much weaker in Kansas City), however it was very cool because my bed had started to shake and I thought something was going on down the stairs, however I found out that it was, in fact, an earthquake.

Ryan Toemmes

It appears every other day I'm reading 3.3 / 3.6 / 3.2 earthquakes in the area's surrounding north of OKC...

I receive seismic activity updates every day thru the USGS web updates...

It almost appears a Big One is about to let loose with all the activity being logged in...

It's a Scary though that it's possible to have a major mover of a 7.0 break out in that area...

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