OKC chasers cam question

Mar 8, 2009
Meadville PA
Was watching some live feeds out of OKC last week. They had 4 chasers in the field, all streaming from a remote control roof mounted camera. Anyone have info on what cameras and hardware their using?
Jan 6, 2019
Since no one has answered about the setup the OKC bunch is using, i'll tell you what i am using, fixin to anyway.
Just got case finished for it and mounted on roof racks.

The camera is an Optics PTZ 30x SID. VISCA command format.
What I don't like about this camera is it using stepper motors with no encoder feedback.
Each step is about 4.5 minutes of a degree.
If i rebuild this project, i will certainly look for a camera that is servo controlled with encoder feedback.

Alumn case is mounted on the cross bars of roof rack.
Case is forced air cooled (additional 12 VDC fan) via plastic tube with the fan mounted to draw from rear seat AC outlet.
Return air is back through the conduit from the case to between the roof and headliner.

Control and preview is with a custom app via Ethernet to WiFi using external converter.
Main streaming output feed is HDMI to Live SoloU.

The Live SoloU uses what they call bonding, mean the streaming feed through it is split between two USB call data dongles.
One is AT&T and the other is Verizon data feed.
The server it is feeding put the frames back together in sequence which allows for a better video with only a fraction of the frames not being able to display. So a more steady stream in appearance viewing.

The app can not be completed until I have the weather station mounted as the App will access GPS and vehicle heading from that device.
Weather station is a Columbia MX500. The app image was for testing and the vehicle heading was hard coded for now.
That image there is actually an old one and the app has evolved more since it was taken.

If interested in case appearance will take pictures tomorrow and post.


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