The current US cost of Gasoline is $2.61 What will the national average be by next weekend?

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Dec 18, 2003
Lubbock, TX
Originally posted by Tim Vasquez+--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Tim Vasquez)</div>
\"There's no question gas will hit $4 a gallon,\"
That's a $100 fillup for an Escalade... $104 to be exact. Wondering if that will be the first $100+ fillup for an unmodified consumer vehicle.

Not that far off for minivans either. I have 26 gal tank and at the price next door right now, it would cost me $78 to fill from empty.


O'Reilly's an idiot

O'Reilly will always be an idiot. If the Saudis didn't get the prices they get for oil, demand would easily outstrip supply. It basic economics and the foundation of a capitalist economy. Prices are set by demand not by a shadowy group of conspirators. To blame the Saudis is idiotic. We get nearly the same amounts of oil from Canada, Venezuela, and Mexico:


If you want to blame someone, blame all the idiots who commute to work in a pickup truck or the soccer-moms who thinks a Lincoln Navigator is a nice city car.
Dec 4, 2003
Good news -- gasoline futures and crude appear to be stable this morning, presumably because of yesterday's strategic reserve announcement.

You all can check prices here... gas and oil were $2.57 and $68.85 when I looked just now.

However since that $2.57 is a wholesale delivery price for September it looks like $3.00+ will be the norm at the pump for the time being.



this bites

ok so i go to work this morning...gas at the station across the street (sheetz) is 3.29 a gal for super(up .20 from yesterday at 5 pm)....i leave work at 5 tonight and its up to 3.59??!! id call this gouging especially since the station 4 miles up the road at the truck stops is still only at 3.29 tonight...think its the "Sheetz" policy? I for one am boycotting Sheetz' from now on...


$3.02 here - Ewa Beach, Oahu Hawaii

went up 13 cents in 24 hours.............
Here at Ft. Benning the MP's were running a checkpoint into the gas station, verifying id's and informing everyone of the Base Commanders order, rationing gas, allowing only 10 gallons per vehicle. The price for regular is $2.69.
Yesterday morning in Tulsa, gas was $2.99. Jumped to $3.05 at some point during the afternoon. When I went into the University of Tulsa football game at 9:15pm last night, it was still $3.05. When I left the game, it had jumped to $3.19. No idea if it made another jump this morning yet, as I have yet to go to work.

This compared to $2.54 on Monday.
Jul 7, 2004
Dallas, TX
It's gone up again here in STL to $3.19. I bought a locking gas cap this week. Siphoning thefts will increase as the price increases.

It was 2.39 here Monday.

Jay Cazel

Jul 5, 2004
Wichita, Ks
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I don't know how the rest of the country is doing but in Wichita gas went from $2.56 on Monday to $3.19 Friday. But this morning (Saturday) to my surprise the price went DOWN!!! It is $3.09 now....Some good news.



i know this is going to get nuts on gas priceing now. thurs, the 1st--costco out of regular gas, but high was still only 2.89, they get their shipment later in the day...half hour later, high test tank is to low, they have to shut it off. reg is stil only 2.69. friday, the gas lines are running out into the street, still out of high test. today, i go for gas...regular is now 3.89 and still no high test in site. the gas attendant, who is a friend, tells me about the last few days (which is where i got all this info) and that he will be running out of gas in another hour, unless he gets his tanker in. this was at 8 am. noon thirty, i go by the costco and the gas lines are back open, the price for REGULAR is now 3.14!! its still .05 cheaper than the station up the street (hess) but, gezzzzzzz! im hoping its just the holiday weekend thats driving costcos to raise their rates, i guess ill find out sometime next weekend for sure. will be watching the sheetz across from where i work for the weeks pricing for them, but they have been higher all week long, gouging!
Mar 5, 2004
Des Moines, Iowa
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Prices here dropped from 3.26 to 2.99 this morning. I'm somewhat intruiged as to the reason. Was there a announcement of less damage, or opened lines or something?

Or has the demand gone down, along with threats of law suits and criminal prosecution of price gougers?
Dec 9, 2003
Crude oil is back down to pre-Katrina levels, and gasoline futures dropped quite a bit the past 2 days. The oil price may have been helped by release od oil from the reserves, but the price of oil wasn't the main culprit for the rise in gas pricing (which was more to do with gasoline supply questions due to refinery shutdowns and gasoline import issues).



just reread my last post...where i said regular was stil 3.89 i meant 2.89 my mistake....hopefully after this weekend things will get back to pre/katrina pricing...
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