NWS website - problems with going mobile

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Jeff Duda

Resident meteorological expert
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Oct 7, 2008
Broomfield, CO
Interesting article from, of all sites, Mashable, regarding updates and upgrades to the NWS website.


In the article, NWS director Louis Uccellini admits that the warning and forecast dissemination system. Additionally there is talk regarding the difficulty the NWS has faced updating the website due to conflicts with private sector entities like AccuWeather. This conflict was actually part of a recent WeatherBrains episode (
). I would like to open discussion on the nature of the conflict between public sector meteorology (basically, NOAA/NWS) and private sector. The private sector relies heavily on data and products created by public sector entities, yet they turn around and want to limit what the public sector can then do. Please, discuss.
Not open for further replies.