NWS looks to eliminate the Severe Weather Statement (SVS)


Mar 1, 2004
Lansing, MI

The NWS is collecting comments through January 7, 2021, on the
proposed discontinuation of separate statement products to update, expire, and
cancel short-fused warnings. NWS will continue to use these statement products for other purposes. Instead of repeated products, NWS will issue follow-up information for these warningsusing the same product as the initial warning.

Specifically, NWS proposes to discontinue the following products to
streamline the warning update process:

- Severe Weather Statement (SVS), which updates Tornado Warning
(TOR), Severe Thunderstorm Warning (SVR), and Extreme Wind Warning (EWW)
- Flood Statement (FLS), which updates the Flood Warning (FLW)
- Flash Flood Statement (FFS), which updates the Flash Flood Warning
- Marine Weather Statement (MWS), which updates the Special Marine
Warning (SMW)

These warning update statements provide new information about the
warning after the initial issuance. Updates to warnings include continuations of the threat in time and valid area, cancellations, and any other information that has changed since the warning was issued or was most recently updated. All warning follow-up information currently being sent via these update statements will instead be disseminated within the same product type as the original warning (e.g., SVR instead of SVS).

Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) that are activated for certain
warning updates, such as the Tornado Warning when the Catastrophic damage threat tag is enabled, would continue to be activated for those updates. No changes to the name of the warning would occur in the WEA messages themselves.

This proposal is a component of the NWS Hazard Simplification (Haz
Simp) project initiated to simplify and clarify the NWS Watch, Warning, and
Advisory system. The goal of this proposed change is to provide a more streamlined process, more easily tracked events, and improved dissemination of warning update information.

Examples of this proposal are contained in the Product Description
Document (PDD) here:

Please provide comments on these proposed changes via an online
survey form at:

For questions on this proposed change, contact:

Greg Schoor
NWS Severe Weather Services Program Leader
Norman, OK