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*New Users. Meet and Greet Area*

Brenna R

Hey all! I'm Brenna from Ohio. I have been a couch storm tracker since I was a kid, although I decided to become a librarian. I've decided I want to get into the field. It seems like severe storms are pushing further east so I don't have to travel to OK or KS to chase (though I'd love to someday). I am a trained storm spotter and currently working on my getting my ham radio license too. I hope to learn a lot on here!

Renee L

Hey there everyone, glad I found this group! I'm from western Wisconsin, have always been a bit of a weather enthusiast (enjoy weather photography, tracking storms, learning whatever I can). A defining moment for me was July 15, 1980 (aging myself a bit here, ha). also known as the Western Wisconsin Derecho or The July 15th Storm (several tornadoes were also reported). I was at work, across town, when it hit that evening. I'll never forget it, when we all came out of the building after the storm passed, the sky, the wind in all directions, the damage for miles and miles (our building was OK, as was my home, minus some trees, we were lucky). It was like something out of a science fiction movie, I was both horrified and fascinated. It was a very interesting storm and left a wide swath of damage from MN to WI (there is a Wikipedia page about it, we made National News the next day). After that experience, and trying to get home through the damage, I had a new respect for storms, and a new interest.

Roberto Gaianigo

Hi everyone, I'm writing with automatic translation. I normally do storm chasing in the Veneto region of Italy. When luck and timing allow me, I often use timelapse not only because they are "beautiful" to look at but also because they allow us to better understand the dynamics of storms. In the past I edited reports on a site, today I only keep my YouTube channel and write on Italian forums, I'm not on Facebook. Every now and then I like to do research and investigate at a theoretical level on atmospheric phenomena and on physics and astronomy in general. Roberto Gaianigo.

Laney Cole

Hello Stormtrack,

My Interest in weather started young, growing up in South Florida, one cannot help but look to the skies from an early age. Hurricanes and surfing conditions were my original exposure to weather and forecasting. I originally wanted to be a forensic psychologist- but life is funny and I've worked as a photographer since 2007.

Tornadoes have always fascinated me. However, the Moore and El Reno tornadoes of 2013 were the beginning of my love affair with severe weather.
Not only was I shocked and astonished at the power of these beasts, but from a psychology standpoint I wanted to understand the mind of storm chasers, and of storms themselves.

I studied El Reno 2013 for just over a year, searching for understanding- and from there my love and admiration for chasers and tornadic storms continued to grow.

I began to appreciate the beauty in the formation of the perfect supercell and found myself wanting to know more each day.

4/1 the "cap" was removed, when four strong EF-2 tornadoes impacted my county. The lack of knowledge and basic awareness of those around me shocked and worried me, and I knew I had to do something. I hated the helplessness I felt at that moment- and it was then I decided to sign up for SKYWARN, join Spotter Network, and have been an active member of the WX community since.

Alas, now I am here and hope to continue to learn, grow, and contribute. Thank you for having me, Stormtrack.