New Stormtrack Features for 2019

Steve Miller

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Jun 14, 2004
Moore, OK
This is an update regarding new additions to ST over the past week. In an effort to consolidate the things people are looking for when it comes to chasing, we are now working with Helicity and Live Storms Media. Through efforts like these, we hope to direct a very specific and engaged audience to our members' written, image, video, and live feed content while ensuring Stormtrack is the premier one-stop site for all things storm chasing. Micro-communities are back and Stormtrack traffic is better than ever! Check out the new links above - here are short descriptions for each:

Helicity TV contains a ST sponsored curated feed that includes live chase video supplied by LSM, as well as forecast sessions, and roundtable discussions with meteorologists and chasers. This channel will not always have a broadcast. If you are interested in participating in a roundtable/panel forecast or real-time/live storm chase discussion, please message @Justin Allen

LiveChasers is an ST hosted page maintained by Live Storms Media that displays live chaser feeds. The goal here is to help chasers gain visibility from our highly focused site visitor demographic. For more information about streaming live, contact @Tyler Youschak

ST Swag is an online store maintained by Helicity to assist ST with public-facing brand recognition. Proceeds from swag sales help support the Helicity TV concept.

Support ST is where you can donate to support the continued growth of the Stormtrack platform. Now more than ever, storm chasers need a common platform on which to not only discuss the forecast, but also regulatory concerns, and private/public weather sector influences. $1 per month helps a lot and supporters get an ad-free site experience too!

Thank you to everyone who has worked hard to make all of this come together!

James K

Mar 26, 2019
I noticed those new links along the menu bar!
But honestly I've never looked around anything more than the forum part...