New member saying hello

Richard W

Jan 9, 2021
Seattle, Washington
Hey all. I'm Richard, a new member and first-time poster. The day job takes me to China a fair bit (or at least it did pre-COVID), where I have flown around some truly awesome convective weather and experienced great thunderstorms in practically all of the provinces. But home is Seattle, where the rain is very frequent (at least in winter) but only rarely very interesting. I'll be making my first Plains visit in quite some time in mid-May to OKC, for about five days of driving to enjoy the vistas, hopefully catch some interesting weather, and meet some nice people. I am knowledgeable about weather (my aunt's house in the suburbs of Cincinnati was flattened during the 1974 Superoutbreak when I was a kid, which dates me and explains my interest) but far from an expert, and would happily take any suggestions from anyone who would like to share tips, suggestions, etc to a chase/observation newbie like myself. I would also be interested in finding out if others might be planning trips into the central OK/north TX/southern KS area in May; I don't know if there is a separate bulletin board for that somewhere on the site, which I am still trying to figure out. I will be solo on this trip - my wife is tolerant but thinks this is nuts, and even my 18 y.o. older daughter (who likes to do stuff with me) called it "a little out there, Dad." Sound familiar to anyone? ;) Advice happily accepted! Thanks!