Need help with this

Cory Phipps

Apr 18, 2018
So i have been trying to register with spotter to do some training courses and it says either callsign or email address is already being used or incorrect and i have tried several different usernames and emails and it doesnt work. Anything i can do to fix this problem because apparently these two sites are linked togethern

Mark Blue

Staff member
Feb 19, 2007
Did you ever have success with logging into Spotter Network (SN) to take the course or are you still twisting in the wind?

Please note the two sites aren’t linked together. You have one set of credentials (username and password) for SN and another for Stormtrack (ST). The only thing that changed is SN moved their support forums here to ST and that’s it. If you cannot login to SN it’s the same as if you you lost your password for Amazon or any other website. You would navigate to the login page and click the link called “Forgot Your Password”, then you’d receive instructions via email on resetting or creating a new password. Here’s an image of where you’d click to gain access to SN, assuming you still cannot login: