My place on this planet

Jeremy Jones

Good Morning all,

Lately I've been getting into more video editing. I'm still a major noob in that category. But...I'm super proud of this latest edit
I've put together. I really tried hard to convey just exactly where I belong on this planet, and wanted to share it w/the community.
Critiques are more than welcome, as I still have LOTS to learn!


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Jeremy Jones

Thanks Paul,

No need to exaggerate storm's definitely a high point on its own! I thought about leaving some of the audio of myself in, but I can't even really stand to look at myself on film,
much less listen to my own voice! Basically it was just me verbalizing current position, time of day, and what I'm looking at. A basic nowcast really. I just wish I had more footage of me
and my dad, like in the first part of the video. Really enjoy taking him with me on chases!
May 25, 2012
Albuquerque, NM
Once you get bit by the editing bug, it seeps its way into everything you do during a storm chase. Thinking about specific shot compositions you want to get, how you would shoot to match a song you'd like to use, different editing styles and how you'd put together the whole least for me those kinds of things preoccupy my mind just as much as the forecasting does. Fortunately, our hobby gives PLENTY of slow hours to ponder those things :)

Great video, it definitely makes me feel the same way...being under a storm is one of the most fulfilling places in the world.
Quite right - I need to get a new PC before I can get back into editing but I like to shoot all sorts of shots when out there. For example, a nice waving field of crops in the breeze whilst waiting for storms to fire, a bit of 'local life', maybe even some drive-by shots of the chase vehicle all help pass the time when waiting for storms!