My New Weather Station: A Video Review

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Jan 6, 2019
I have the Columbia MX500 mounted on my vehicle using the collapsible vehicle mount they have.
Didn't get the rain gauge because of it being mobile.

The MX500 is alright, have not really used it as by time i had received and mounted it the season was pretty much over.
Same software as you reviewed. Besides the weather data, the data stream also contains GPS data, plus magnetic heading.
Speed of vehicle and heading are applied to the wind and direction speed.

I have the software configured to send the data to my web site. One thing I miss in the data stream is that it does not send the GPS location of the station. Seems since this is advertised as a mobile system it should. I had looked through all data that can be sent and never found where it was being sent. I 'll call'em up next week and find out for sure.

The mount folds to the front and lays done with spring loaded pin to hold it down. Have to pull the pin to unlatch it.
As shown the station is about 59 inches above the roof. If I extend it on out it be something like 81 inches.

It is also mobile at 59 inch height, as shown.